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Funky-Fresh Goodness

Funky-Fresh Goodness: Studio Manhattan Wallet!

So last week I agreed to meet some friends downtown at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan so we could go to an art exhibition on the human body. Being the ever-studious and punctual individual that I am (complete bullshit as I arrived 15 minutes late), I half-expected my friends to be a little late (and by a little late, I had no idea they would end up being over an hour-and-a-half late, but I digress). So in order to kill time, and prevent myself from freezing to death, I decided to take a walk through some of the shops at the Seaport. And thank God I did because I stumbled upon this really unique and funky shop named Studio Manhattan, where they basically take old photos from pop culture and snapshots from around New York and design really amazing stuff with them. I stumbled across this really cool wallet they designed with an old shot of Kate Moss on it and I had to scoop that bad-boy up! How hot is that?


Funky Fresh Goodness: Coach Bleecker Legacy Weekend Bag!

Do you see this? No, do you REALLY see this? Do any of you out there understand how much I need this Coach Bleecker bag? You’re nobody of great importance in New York if your bag isn’t fly-as-hell, and this is the one that was birthed into creation specifically for me. Refined, classic, and cool. What more can you ask for? It WILL be mine soon. Mark my words! And I will name her Betty Ford, because the first thing I plan on putting inside her is a bottle of white wine! ūüėČ

Funky Fresh Goodness: Versace for H&M Men’s Jacket!

There are very few things in life that would make me voluntarily¬†get up at 6 A.M. and stand in line so that I can fight other fashion hungry shoppers for a little treasure or two…but I think I just discovered my reason! As most fashion savvy consumers are aware, every so often H&M pairs up with a major fashion label to produce a more “affordable” line for all us “regular” folk out there in the world (a.k.a. the 99% of the population who can’t afford to spend $3,000 on a pair of Balmain jeans).

Well this Saturday is the official launch of the Versace for H&M line and I fully intend to be in that line waiting to kick, crawl, claw, and pimp-slap anyone who gets in my way of this Versace jacket. Play with it! Kanye was seen rocking the very Miami-esque jacket last week during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and from the moment I saw it on him I knew that my closet of treasure wouldn’t be complete without it. There’s just something about it that seems to be beaconing me to purchase it. Yeah, its a tad gaudy, but that’s signature Versace. The perfect amount of panache for dat ass!

Funky-Fresh Goodness: Kanye West “Dark Fantasy” Inspired Scarves!

Okay, okay, okay! Who do I have to screw, kill, or marry to get my hands on one of these bad boys?!?! Cause I’ll do it!!!! I’m not above it! Kanye West has teamed up with French design partnership M/M (Paris) to produce an exclusive line of silk scarves inspired by his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy¬†album, and they are pretty effin sick!

Five separate designs are being produced (one for each of the covers of the critically-acclaimed album) and the ultra-exclusive line is sure to send all Yeezy’s fans into a frenzy because only 100 of each scarf is being produced and are retailing for $365 each. I WILL find a way to have one of these fantastical pieces in my life….somehow!

Funky-Fresh Goodness: Michael Kors Bathing Suit

With summer right around the corner it’s about time to start breaking out those bathing suits ladies and gentlemen! I came across this Michael Kors bathing suit in a magazine today and thought it was pretty bad-ass. Gotta love a designer who pairs leather straps with swimwear, but I love the pairing of the white bathing suit with the tan straps. Love the design aesthetic here. Mucho bueno!

Funky-Fresh Goodness: Burberry Prorsum Leather Jacket

Is it REALLY so wrong that I’m probably willing to spend the couple THOUSANDS of dollars that this jacket costs if I had the opportunity?!?!? Burberry Prorsum ish is kinda the hotness right now. Lucky ass Channing Tatum probably got to keep it after the photo shoot too! I’m pretty sure I could skip a few meals to afford it.