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The World (As Seen Through My BlackBerry)

The World (As Seen Through My BlackBerry): Where the Pinot At?

The recipe for a good Friday night? Great company, great conversation, and some extra CLASSY Pinot Grigio…….I’ve come to the realization that hard liquor is for BASIC folks, CLASSY folks know wine is where it’s at in 2011!



The World (As Seen Through My BlackBerry): Central Park Pedicure!

Apparently at some point it became socially acceptable for tourists to decide to soak their aching toes in Central Park fountains (I’m just assuming this classy dame is a tourist because she’s wearing a JanSport fanny pack). Did I mention the fountain is full of green-ish hued water and is probably harvesting some sort of plague that will eventually kill all of us New Yorkers. I understand it’s getting hotter in New York but this is just no bueno!

The World (As Seen Through My BlackBerry): HoJo Fashions!

If any of my visitors ever happen to stay at the Howard Johnson’s (a.k.a. HoJo for my country folk) in the Korea Town section of Los Angeles you’ll be delighted to know that their gift shop/convenience store comes stocked with high-class footwear!

As you can see below, their selection is pretty extensive so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a pair for whatever occassion you need to attend. But who can resist that pair of Soda brand shoes on the far right? I’m sure every woman is dying to wear a pair of shoes with wood soles and PVC plastic straps, right? You might as well walk around with milk cartons on your feet! LOL