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Hot Off the Press…Lana Del Rey in Complex Magazine!

Soooooo, furthering my obsession with Lana Del Rey lately…have you all gotten the chance to see her on the upcoming issue of Complex? How stunningly exquisite is this chick? Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter, but she really is downright gorgeous and these shots of her only manage to cement that notion further. Her image, similar to her music, is a mix of retro-glam throwback mixed with a subtle edge to it. I can’t wait to pick up my copy when it hits newsstands this month! And if you haven’t already given her debut album, Born to Die, a listen I urge you to head to iTunes now and get your copy!


Auditory Eargasm…Lana Del Rey “Radio”

If you ask anyone in my life these days they will gladly let you know that I’m currently obsessed with Lana Del Rey. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months and you haven’t gotten the chance to indulge in diva dejour Del Rey and her debut album, Born to Die, then I urge you to hit the play button on my favorite record from the album, “Radio.” This chick is just everything! Her vocals display a certain vulnerability that immediately enraptures and hypnotizes you. She reminds me of a modern day Nancy Sinatra; if Nancy Sinatra was doing cocaine and singing over Kanye-esque beats. She’s THAT kinda bad-ass! And “Radio” is everything you could ask for from Lana; it’s breezy and subdued, but it also has a certain edge to it that only Lana could do. Everyone definitely needs to give her a gander. The album is amazing from front-to-back!